Primary Care For The Whole Family

Personalized access to medical care 24 hours a day designed for your unique healthcare needs.

Primary care medicine provides preventive care, chronic condition management, and care coordination across settings. It fosters long-term patient relationships, addressing diverse health needs holistically and promoting equity. Emphasizing prevention, education, and cost-effectiveness, primary care improves health outcomes and ensures comprehensive healthcare access.


Lab Testing

Have you ever sat in a doctor’s office for hours just to have your blood drawn for lab testing? Those days are over. From routine bloodwork to comprehensive panels, our concierge lab testing services are quick, easy, and provided by trained practitioners.

Serious man consulting with young female physician doctor at checkup meeting in hospital. Skilled general practitioner giving healthcare medical advices to patient.

Immunizations and Vaccines

Overall, immunizations and vaccines play a crucial role in protecting individual and public health, reducing the burden of disease, and promoting overall well-being for patients and communities alike.


Preoperative Exams

Skip the waiting room and use our primary medical care team for your next pre-op physical.  We can come to you, or you can book an appointment in our concierge medical clinic.


Cancer Screening

Though cancer is more prevalent than ever in the U.S., advanced screenings can catch many forms of the disease early, giving you a chance to prevent long-term health issues.


Prescription Refills

For many, refilling prescriptions is a huge pain that requires time and effort. Our team makes refilling prescriptions easy and can even help answer questions about the meds you’re taking.