Our on-site state CLIA certified laboratory provides full lab diagnostics services for our patients. 

Should an insurance company require that the labs be sent to them for testing, then the lab staff may draw the blood or collect the urine specimens and send them to the appropriate lab on the same day for testing. New state of the art equipment replaced our previous equipment just two years ago providing improved services.

All of our patients receive lab results within one to two days, although several specialized tests may require additional time. Testing may include advanced lipid testing, mineral testing and other specialized lab work which is drawn in the lab and sent to other labs for processing.

Kathleen Graham, our lab supervisor and lab tech has over 25 years experience in the field and manages all aspects of the lab tests. The phlebotomists are highly skilled in drawing blood, assisting in the lab and pride themselves on “painless draws.”

The staff is always available to provide tours of the lab or explain the variety of tests and their purpose.

Glades Medical Group on-site laboratory is Florida licensed since 1987 and is a full service, state of the art laboratory located in our office for the convenience of our patients!

      • On-site.
      • Private pay is reasonable.
      • Most insurances accepted.
      • State of the art equipment.
      • Accepting most insurances and amazing low private pay pricing.
      • 24-48 hour reporting to patients.
      • Dependable results as ordered by your health care professional.
      • Some insurances require that their members use a national lab chain, we can obtain the required specimens at our office and have them delivered the labs.
      • Lipid Testing.