HCG Program

HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin or human chorionic gonadotrophin) is a natural accruing in the body both female and male. In elevated level it allows the body to metabolize stubborn body fat.

HCG (injection) is our course of treatment for obesity. Five pounds can cause as much grief as hundred and fifty pounds. We are not here to judge, but treat. This method is not SIMPLE. It is very time consuming and requires perfect cooperation between physician and patient.

Each case is to be handled individually. Our life coaches are here to answer every question. This is not just an injection and a sheet of paper. This is a journey for patient and coach, physician to allied against fears and remove misunderstanding. Difficulties may arise in treatment that is why Ageless Energetics will make every attempt to investigate and solve any situation. Lab studies done during this treatment have been shown to lower high level of cholesterol and glucose as well as other vital chemistries. How wonderful to improve the look of your body and your health!


Please fill-out and bring in the following form to start right away! HCG Program Forms (pdf)

Questions and Answers:

  • Will I feel hunger? No. You find it difficult to eat, but you must eat.
  • Can I drink alcohol? Empty calories for now, but you may resume after the break.
  • How much can I lose? Most lost up 1lb/day.
  • What does HCG mean? Human chorionic gonadotrophin- not a growth or sex hormone.
  • Is it safe for men and women? Yes. Men will not be feminized, women will have unchanged hormone levels, it’s a natural substance that occurs in the body.
  • What if I cheat? You will of course gain weight. It will take 3 days for your body to stabilize to weight loss mode.
  • How long will this take? 5 – 15 lbs and 26 day treatment 15- more lbs. 40 days or more depending on desired weight loss.
  • Will I keep the weight off? Yes definitely. You will be instructed how to regain a normal, health eating plan that will be your new lifestyle choose.
  • Can I take water pill? No. You will deregulate your natural body process.
  • What if I stop losing weight? A “plateau” always corrects itself. It does not mean you are no longer responding to treatment.

Glades Medical Group provides:

Individualized Program: meet to (no fads) discuss your eating style, check lab values, weight, BMI, abdominal, arm and leg girth, family risk and health factors.

Medication: is available for weight loss and may be appropriate, with physician supervision

Exercise logs/Food Diaries: will help develop successful living with weight loss

Psychological factors: affecting eating – culture, travel, lifestyle and work.

Medical Issues: only a physician can determine if there are underlying medical issues affecting your weight. A full assessment by a physician and regular follow-ups to review all medications and possible weight/tiredness, side effects, health issues and specific medical interventions for successful weight loss.

Surgical Options: are available for some patients if our approach does not work and the patient meets the criteria. Our physician would provide guidance and supervision, if this process were necessary and will continue to medically supervise you after the surgery.

Post-Surgical: weight patients need extensive follow-up (not always provided as thoroughly as necessary for life-time success). Our physicians and staff will work with you to maintain your goal of good health and well being.

Join our team and follow a proven path to a successful and healthy living.


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